Hello, I'm Jean Staffe

Student in system and network security. Passionate about cloud/web development and hosting since 2018.

Staffe Network

Staffe Network is a private network and cloud infrastructure that I created with my skills learned in self-training or at school. The infrastructure is mainly used to create docker containers.


As a student, I work for DediGo as a support agent. My job is to provide each customer with help on the problems they might encounter while using their cloud service.

Among Sus Bot

Among Sus Bot is a robot for the social network Twitter, it creates tweets every hour with a word transformed to match the game "Among Us". Every 24 hours, it mentions a person subscribed to Among Us on Twitter with a cult phrase from the game.

TheHosting Bot

TheHosting Bot was my biggest bot project for the Discord application. It allowed to connect to this platform the Pterodactyl panel and the WHMCS web service management system.


NetHeberg was a semi-free web/nodeJS/VPS type associative host. I joined it as a volunteer support agent and served as vice-president until I left the association in February 2021.


Arix was my very first bot for the Discord application. It allowed to support users' conversations with tools such as translators, funny pictures and much more. It was used by more than 200,000 people.

Want to see more?

View my public codes and tests on my GitHub account